3 Things That Can Get You In Trouble In A Hospital (and Why You’ll Need a White Collar Crime Attorney)


The amazing complexities of hospitals creates an environment where people can get into trouble, whether intentionally or unintentionally. To a prosecuting attorney, there’s not much difference between someone who is willfully abusing an insurance company and someone who was giving inaccurate coding information. People are also more likely to sue hospitals and staff because they see them as having deep pockets. If you’ve become a target of a lawsuit or criminal investigation, contact an experienced white collar crime attorney right away.

Health Care Fraud – Anything having to do with insurance is document-heavy and requires a lawyer who can wade through the bureaucracy. In many cases you haven’t done anything wrong, but inadvertent and innocent mistakes can trigger an audit that bring trouble raining down. Abusing the health care system and/or involved insurance companies is not something that they take lightly, so be sure to get a defense attorney in your corner as soon as possible.

Being a Doctor – Simply providing care to a patient opens you up to any number of accusations. Many of them can be false accusations because people smell money, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them. You need and experienced criminal defense attorney right away so that the problem doesn’t become any bigger than it needs to be.

Fraudulent Billing of Medicare or Medicaid – Combine healthcare and government and the complexities and problems increase exponentially. There are thousands of mistakes that can be made, and thousands of ways that the system can be abused. Trust us, they’re constantly looking for problems, so whether you’ve done something wrong (unintentionally or intentionally) you need an experienced white collar crime attorney to defend your rights.

Your career is on the line. Contact our criminal defense law firm as soon as you see signs of trouble.