Medical billing audits/medical billing fraud

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Medical billing rules and regulations can be very confusing and it is very easy for a healthcare worker to make an inadvertent mistake. One mistake can trigger an entire medical billing audit by an insurance provider. Every file is reviewed on a line-item basis. A deviation in a billing practice could lead to criminal charges. Prepare yourself now rather than waiting for things to get worse. An experienced medical billing fraud defense attorney can help you avoid criminal charges.

Early Intervention Is Key

At the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot, we effectively and aggressively defend all types of healthcare workers against medical billing fraud.

Whether you are a physician, doctor, dental practitioner, pharmacist, chiropractor, nurse or physician’s assistant, we can provide experienced and skilled healthcare fraud defense. With nearly 50 years of criminal defense experience, Newark attorney Robert J. DeGroot can immediately begin an internal investigation into your billing records and help prepare you for an audit. Early intervention is key in any healthcare fraud case.

Are you being investigated for medical billing fraud? Are you facing a medical billing audit? The longer you wait the more you could be hurting your case. Contact us immediately and schedule a free initial consultation with a seasoned Newark billing audit lawyer.

Preparing You for a Medical Billing Audit

At our firm, we believe in preparing our clients thoroughly and explaining to them all the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We will help you prepare your files for an internal review first in order to make sure there is no major omission in your records. We find this is very cost-beneficial to the outcome of a case and can resolve an inquiry rather quickly.

If you are being investigated by the federal government, it is likely your case is very serious. This is even more reason to obtain legal assistance quickly. Medical billing fraud charges often involve:

  • Falsifying billing records
  • Tampering with medical records
  • Double-billing/overbilling for procedures
  • Billing for unnecessary procedures/equipment
  • Billing for unperformed services
  • Prescribing unnecessary medications
  • Upcoding
  • Kickback or referrals
  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud

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