Sex crimes/sexual assault

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Even an accusation of sexual assault must be squashed immediately as the effects are devastating to both your professional and personal life. If convicted, you could face a lifetime as a registered sex offender. This information is public record and no matter where you go, people will have the ability to discover it. If you have been accused or charged with sexual assault at either the state or federal level, hesitation to take action is not going to help you. Seek immediate criminal defense from a Newark sexual assault lawyer with nearly 40 years of experience.

Contact the law offices of Robert J. DeGroot in Newark, New Jersey. Free initial consultations. Attorney Robert J. DeGroot was selected to the 2011 New Jersey Super Lawyers list. Fewer than 5 percent of attorneys in New Jersey were chosen for this honor.

Early Intervention and Decades of Criminal Defense Experience

Attorney Robert J. DeGroot has decades of experience and is able to effectively defend his sexual assault clients at both the state and federal level. Not many attorneys have the knowledge and skill-set to do this. He strives for early intervention in order to minimize any negative impact a sexual assault charge may have for his client. This includes treatment, psychological evaluations and even polygraphs to bolster a one-on-one argument.

In many of these types of cases, professionals are being accused in such one-one-one situations. A family member is alleging sexual abuse. A co-worker makes outlandish allegations. He will aggressively defend you against all types of sexual assault charges including:

Date rape
Statutory rape
Child abuse
Child molestation
Internet sex crimes
Child pornography
Lewd conduct

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