Public corruption

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Being charged with public corruption has the potential to destroy your career as well as your public image. In such a damaging situation, it is crucial to choose a criminal defense attorney who has a track record of securing favorable outcomes in these often high profile cases.

At the law offices of Robert J. DeGroot, we have been providing people throughout the Newark, New Jersey, area with an aggressive criminal defense since 1972. We will provide you with courteous, professional service and personalized attention as we fight tenaciously and discreetly to limit the damage from these charges.

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The Experience to Handle Complex Corruption Cases

With so much at stake, you can rely on the experience of our firm to protect your rights. Our founding attorney, Robert J. DeGroot, served as special counsel to the IRS employees unions for 18 years and has tried numerous cases involving IRS employees, FBI employees and defense department employees.

Granting favors
Misuse of public funds
Accepted bribes or gratuities
Violating oath of office

Our firm’s experience is priceless in corruption cases as well as cases involving criminal misconduct by public employees. In many cases, any misconduct in office can result in serious consequences, up to and including termination.

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