3 Tips for Staying Under the IRS’s Radar

3 Tips For Staying Under The IRS’s Radar


The Internal Revenue Code is complicated, and tax forms are no better, so how do you protect yourself against being charged with a tax crime such as tax evasion or tax fraud? Firstly, understand that the IRS is not out to get you. Investigations and criminal proceedings require time, money, and resources, so they are really only going to come after you if you give them a reason to. Here are a few things you can do to stay off of the IRS’s radar.

Pay on Time

This simple piece of advice is relevant to many things in your life, and it’s just as important when it comes to filing and paying your taxes. Of course, circumstances do exist that can make filing or paying on time impossible, but for the most part, this one is pretty doable. Fight back against your inner procrastinator, and get your taxes filed and paid with time to spare.

Open Your Mail

Some of us see important-looking mail in the pile and immediately toss that piece aside to be “dealt with later.” Don’t avoid opening your mail just because of the contents. Letting a notice from the IRS sit unanswered will only make them look at you more closely

Tell the Truth

Telling the truth ensures that the information you give to the IRS is the same information you give to any other law enforcement agencies or tax authorities. Inconsistent reporting is a major red flag, and there’s no better way to make sure you’re telling the same story than simply telling the truth. Furthermore, it’s always better to use your right to remain silent than to get caught in a lie.

If all else fails and a criminal investigation is opened, it’s time to get some help. The tax evasion and fraud lawyers at the law firm of Robert J. DeGroot in Newark have decades of experience. Contact us, and we’ll schedule your free initial consultation!