Defense 101: Accused of A White Collar Crime? Do This!

Have you been accused of a white collar crime? Don’t panic! Do this instead.

Believe it or not, the concept of white collar crime has only been around for 80 years. 

White collar crime is typically categorized by actions that are non-violent in nature, and are most closely associated with alleged perpetrators who come from the business sector, or sometimes people associated with government agencies.

The acts most commonly considered to be white collar crimes may include things like money laundering, corruption and bribery, embezzlement, insider trading, Ponzi schemes, and a wide variety of fraud, including tax fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, and healthcare-related fraud. 

Don’t panic!

If you have found yourself in a situation where you’ve been accused of committing one of the above crimes or a similar offense, we would urge you not to panic. 

Of course, we understand that being accused of a crime is a frightening, stressful experience, and that law enforcement can pose an intimidating presence to the accused, but don’t lose sight of the fact that you do have rights, and that it is in these very situations that you should do all you can to exercise them. 

Don’t speak to anyone without your attorney’s guidance to do so

When you’ve been accused of a crime, law enforcement and the prosecution will do all they can to collect evidence that strengthens the case they’re building against you.

Don’t help them in this effort by giving them information that can be used to potentially reinforce their narrative. In fact, it is important that you say nothing until an attorney is present and can provide you with guidance on what it is you should do. 

Always be courteous with law enforcement, but do not be forthcoming. Your generosity will more than likely not be given in return. Follow your counsel’s lead. Speaking of…

Do secure a defense attorney, and do so quickly!

If you have an attorney on retainer, contact them so that they can quickly provide you with the support you need. If you do not have an attorney, then you need to secure one as soon as you possibly can. 

Your criminal defense attorney will wear a lot of hats as you endure being accused of a white collar crime. They’ll help you navigate the legal system, which can be incredibly confusing, time consuming, and energy draining. Your attorney should use their experience to help you understand the process while also building a counter-narrative to the prosecution’s case. 

Your counsel will act as a much-needed confidant during a time where you might feel isolated, and can offer you some much-needed insight into your options during what might feel like a hopeless situation. 

This is why it’s so important to partner with a criminal defense firm that is trusted, experienced, and has a proven track record for creating successful outcomes for its clients.

Choose a criminal defense attorney that creates the best possible outcomes for its clients

The Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot has practiced law in the New Jersey and New York areas for over 50 years, providing the accused a much-needed defense against criminal allegations. 

Most recently, the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot won two state Supreme Court Cases, as well as a case in the Third Circuit United States Court of Appeals, which is the perfect reflection of the doggedness of our defense style, the respect our work receives, and the types of outcomes our firm helps to create for our clients.

Do retain all records and evidence — both physical and electronic — that might relate to your case

One of the most common responses to finding yourself in high-stress legal situations is, unfortunately, making rash decisions that might create a false perception of criminality. 

Should you find yourself accused of a crime, our advice is always to share any and all evidence that might even slightly relate to your case with your defense attorney. 

One, you’re creating an open and transparent path of communication with your counsel, which can help establish a stronger rapport between you and your attorney, and secondly, you never know what information we might be able to use to combat the prosecution’s assertion of guilt. 

What you should never do is try to hide information or evidence. Prosecutorial teams are incredibly thorough in their investigations, and odds are they will be able to find information, both digital and physical, that could be used against. What’s more, defense attorneys aren’t big fans of surprises. The more we know, the more we can use that knowledge to help you.

Are you looking for a criminal defense attorney due a white collar-related charge? The Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot can help! Let us use our fifty years of experience to help you protect your constitutional rights. Call us today for your confidential consultation.