Drug Possession in New Jersey: What you need to know.

dreamstime_xxl_2319298From the most minor to the most extreme white collar crime cases in Newark, Robert DeGroot Law is here for you. As New Jersey’s heroin death rates have tripled the national rate since 2008 and last year’s 18,500 reported rehab cases in the Newark metro area alone, the number of drug possession and federal drug possession cases have also soared. We understand what is at stake for you, your reputation, your life, and your loved ones when facing drug possession charges. With experience in drug possession charges since 1972, drug possession attorneys have the knowledge and experience to protect you from the grimmest and unrelenting ramifications of such charges.

Since a law enacted in 1986 strictly prohibits New Jersey judges from delivering less than the minimum required sentences for such crimes, we offer only the most experienced, aggressive, and unwavering defense against drug possession charges.

What are the consequences of drug possession?

Under 50g or less:

  • 6 months incarceration
  • $1,000 fine

Over 50g:

  • 18 months incarceration
  • $25,000 fine

Within 1,000 feet from a school:

  • minimum addition of 100 hours community service
  • additional fine determined by the quantity of possession

Drug cultivation:

  • minimum 3-5 years incarceration, maximum 10-20 years incarceration
  • minimum $25,000 fine, maximum $300,000 fine

In addition, New Jersey drug distribution and possession laws vary depending on the weight of the mixture, type of drug, and prior convictions to determine penalties. These can range from 18 months of incarceration and $25,000 in fines to 20 years and $3000,000 in fines. Carrying drugs near school property further escalates these charges.

Our drug possession attorneys of Newark recognize the harshness of New Jersey’s drug possession and the feats our clients must face. We offer a respectful, attentive, and effective defense for your drug possession case. For a free initial consultation with your chosen criminal law attorney, call us today.