Our Favorite Films About White Collar Crime (Part 3)

In parts one and two of our series on films about white collar crime, we gave you a handful of our favorite films that demonstrate the need for a good white collar crime attorney. Here’s part three.

  • Based on the true story of Frank Abagnale, Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can stars Tom Hanks, Martin Sheen, Amy Adams, Christopher Walken, and Leonardo DiCaprio. The plot revolves around Abagnale and the scams and cons he relies on as a method of survival after he runs away from home. Garnering nearly universal acclaim, the film was also nominated for Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Score.
  • Michael Mann’s 1999 film The Insider stars Russell Crowe, Philip Baker Hall, Christopher Plummer, and Al Pacino. Nominated for seven Academy Awards ranging from Best Cinematography to Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Picture, the film revolves around an executive at a tobacco company who is fired by his employer and decides to expose the unethical business practices within the industry.

Although these films are entertaining, keep in mind that they, like all films, can often glorify the experiences of those in them in order to keep the story entertaining. If you’re in Trenton or Newark and you’re in need of a white collar crime attorney, the Law Offices of Robert J. Degroot can help to defend you against these serious criminal allegations. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We hope you’ve enjoyed our three part series on some of the film industry’s great options for
movies about white collar crime.