How to Handle Yourself at Your White Collar Crime Trial

In our last blog, we provider our readers with a guide on how to dress during a white collar crime trial. As promised at the end of that blog, today we’re going to discuss another topic that will be of interest to anyone preparing for a trial.

“How should I act during my white collar crime trial?”

Preparing yourself for how you will behave during your time in the courtroom is vital. Although the way you dress yourself for your trial will allow you to make a great first impression, ultimately it’s how you act during your trial that can lead to your success or failure. Luckily for you, we have some tips that will have you acting naturally despite the fact that you’re stressed.

First (and probably most importantly), stay calm. It’s easy to get riled up when you feel like all eyes are on you, but make it a point to constantly remind yourself that being calm is in your best interest. Take plenty of deep breaths in order to remain focused.

Next, be sure that you’re well prepared. Having reviewed all of the necessary information beforehand will be key to making sure that you don’t get overwhelmed during the trial. Know your case as much as possible and stick to the facts.

Staying Calm is Key

During the trial, keep rule number one in mind (stay calm!) and make sure to stay present in each moment. Don’t think ahead about your next move. Simply go with the flow, present your information, and keep composed. If you don’t understand a question, don’t hesitate to ask the person who asked it if they could rephrase it. Make sure that you don’t provide an answer to a question you are confused by. If you need to speak to your white collar crime lawyer, write a quick note or write down your thoughts in a notebook to discuss when the timing is right.

Your goal is to present yourself as professionally as possible, so be sure that you’re respectful and well-mannered. That means don’t interrupt and don’t allow yourself to get worked up. The opposition may try to rile things up a bit, but staying in control and answering each question calmly will work to your advantage.

Make it a point to speak as clearly as you can. Speak in the way that you naturally talk. Don’t try to make yourself sound more informed than you are. Just be yourself, present the information you have, and stay calm. Try not to let your facial expression give anything away; instead, keep a straight face. The last bit of advice we have for you is that you should only speak when you’re spoken to. It’s in your best interest to stay quiet and calm throughout your trial.

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