How the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys Spend Their Days-And Why That Matters to You!

A career where someone’s life depends on how well you do your job means dedication, education, persistence, and loyalty reign supreme! Being a criminal defense attorney is a demanding job. No day is ever the same, but all days call on similar strengths for those who excel at the position. 

According to the American Bar Association’s 2020 ABA Profile of the Legal Profession, there are currently about 1.3 million lawyers in the US. Out of that approximate 1.3 million lawyers, roughly 244,000 are criminal defense attorneys. 

Why Would You Want to be a Criminal Defense Attorney? 

The average person has a certain level of dislike for criminal defense attorneys. The general belief is that criminal defense lawyers are trying to help criminals get away with a crime, and don’t care about anything but making money by doing so. This is why many criminal defense attorneys are attracted to the job–to prove this belief incorrect! 

Protecting another human’s rights is one of the main reasons most criminal defense attorneys are first interested in law as a career. Upholding the Constitution and helping another citizen understand their rights, while promoting fairness and equality, is a very noble thing to do. 

Being a criminal defense attorney provides you with the opportunity to improve the lives of your clients. Your work can make the difference between an innocent person getting justice or being incorrectly convicted. 

Criminal defense attorneys like challenges and solving problems. Being in the field gives you the opportunity to think of new ways to present evidence, to craft arguments for your client’s innocence, and to share your knowledge of the law

There Is No “Average” Day in the Life of a Valuable Criminal Defense Attorney! 

Now that you know why someone may choose the path of being a criminal defense attorney, a glimpse of their day-to-day life may be interesting. 

First and foremost, no day is ever the same for a criminal defense attorney. Sure, there are things on the calendar that cannot be moved like court dates, meetings with clients, etc., but situations always “pop up” that need to be dealt with swiftly and carefully. The best criminal defense lawyers/firms always put the client first, so much of their day is spent keeping this in mind. Most days include the following tasks: 

Developing Close Relationships with Clients

Effective criminal defense attorneys build strong relationships with their clients from the moment they meet them. Being trustworthy and acting as a confidant to your client is essential to understanding the case against your client. A good portion of a criminal defense attorney’s day is spent nurturing this relationship. 

Educating Your Client

Another significant part of any day as a criminal defense attorney involves educating your client and those close to your client about the law and about what exactly they are accused of doing. Spending the time to make sure your client is knowledgeable about the law, whether that be meeting with them at your office, in their home, or at jail, is the mark of an effective attorney. 

Educating Yourself 

A commendable criminal defender takes the time to study the evidence. Most criminal defense attorneys will say this is where the majority of their time is spent. Reviewing evidence, reading witness testimony, dissecting police reports, analyzing the prosecutor’s case, and understanding the facts of the alleged crime as if they were present when/if it happened are fundamental to a strong defense. 

Creating a Plan 

Focusing on the defense of their client is also a main focus of a criminal defense attorney. Working hard to craft a defense based on the evidence is the goal. If the evidence in a case overwhelming points to guilt, a competent criminal defense attorney will discuss the evidence with their client and start thinking about negotiating a plea. Working towards the lowest possible sentence possible where the defendant will be able to come out and change their life for the better is the ultimate goal. 

The best criminal defense attorneys act in the best interest of their clients and work towards defending them against the charges made against them. Hard work, loyalty, empathy and reassurance all play a part in how they spend their days. 

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