If You’re Facing Drug Possession Charges, Contact An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

dreamstime_xxl_40360903When you think of someone having drugs, the worst of the worst images come to mind. People on the streets with needle marks, strung out all day. People who are carriers on their way to ruin other people’s lives. They seldom think of the college student with a little marijuana, but by being 18 he’s going to have trouble for years finding a job or an apartment. They don’t imagine someone in pain who was for some reason denied a medical marijuana card but chose to use it anyway.

Just because someone has been charged doesn’t mean they don’t have rights, and the criminal defense law firm of Robert J. DeGroot will fight to uphold the rights of every citizen.

The fact is that there are many times a person might be brought up on drug charges that have no basis in the law, or have been charged when there’s not nearly enough evidence. Many times a person is arrested even if the drugs can’t be produced in court, either because they were never recovered or because they were obtained illegally. A good criminal defense attorney can find out where these legal necessities were missed and help you get an acquittal instead of getting you to plead to a lesser charge.

Unfortunately, attorneys without much experience in defending drug possession charges won’t know the right defense to use in court. Don’t let one charge ruin your life. If it’s important to protect your future, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.