Put Your Trust in Our Newark Law Firm

Put Your Trust In Our Newark Law Firm

Are you in need of a criminal lawyer in Newark, NJ? If so, look no further than the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot. We’re the Newark law firm that you can turn to when you need help the most. No matter the situation that you find yourself in, having a good lawyer can make all the difference in the world. That’s why when you choose to partner with us you can rest assured that we will fight hard to defend your rights.

Known for providing our clients with an aggressive defense that sets the tone right out of the gate, criminal lawyer Robert J. DeGroot will go above and beyond to ensure that you are well taken care of, limiting your exposure to potentially damaging criminal charges during the process.

We know just how difficult it can be to experience the woes of legal troubles and that’s why each and every member of our team will make your case a top priority. Whether your case is being investigated locally or on a federal level we’ll put our years of knowledge to work in helping you to secure the outcome that you’re looking for.

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Why Choose Robert DeGroot?

So what is it that makes Robert J. DeGroot such an accomplished lawyer? For one, it’s the fact that he’s been fighting for the rights of his clients since 1972. That’s nearly five decades of legal experience, and you can’t put a price on that.

When you’re in need of a helping hand it only makes sense to put your trust in a team who has seen it all before. With almost 50 years of experience in helping his clients to make it through many different situations Robert DeGroot has what it takes to fight hard for you. Having an aggressive team in your corner truly can make all the difference in the world and it’s that level of tenacity that we bring to the table for each and every one of the cases that we undertake.

The best criminal lawyers will tell you that they’re only as good as the team that they work with and the good news is that when you choose to work with the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot you’ll also be choosing a team of paralegals and associates who are dedicated to ensuring that no corner goes unturned in your case. We’ll work hard to put together all of the facts for your case, laying the groundwork for the entire process and helping to organize all of the information behind the scenes. Whether you’re facing charges for healthcare fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, or something else entirely you can count on the entire team to take great care of you at every step of the way. As you can probably imagine, many legal cases require a great deal of paperwork, but the good news is that the staff at the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot will be focused on keeping everything well organized and putting your best interests at the forefront of everything we do. It is as simple as that.

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We Can Help With…


Tax-Related Crimes

Whether you’ve been charged with tax evasion, failure to file a tax return, tax fraud, or anything else that is tax-related, we have plenty of experience in protecting your rights. As everyone in America knows, taxes can be an incredibly tricky thing to navigate and things aren’t always as clear as we would all like for them to be. That’s why hearing that you are under investigation for committing a tax-related crime can come as such a shock. Having a qualified law firm on your side can make all the difference and we’d be glad to take on your case, defending your rights in the process.

Healthcare Fraud

The medical industry is one that is complex and always evolving. In the day and age that we live in, charges of healthcare fraud are growing more common on a daily basis. If you’ve been charged with prescription fraud, solicitations for unnecessary procedures, billing for non existent work, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, or anything involving healthcare, our team will fight hard to defend your rights and ensure that you get a fair trial with a tough defense.

Bank Fraud

If there’s one topic that’s been on the news more than ever before it’s bank fraud. It seems like new facts are uncovered each and every day about clients who had accounts opened in their names, so if you have been accused of committing bank fraud it’s more important than ever to make sure that you have a strong defense. If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney who specializes in bank fraud cases, look no further.

Mortgage Fraud

It’s been a decade since the economic crisis of 2008 and in the past ten years there has been more and more scrutiny from federal agents to ensure that nothing like that happens again. These people are aggressively pursuing charges of mortgage fraud in an ever increasing number and that’s why having someone who can push back equally aggressively is in your best interest. The truth is that when it comes down to it, mistakes can happen and if you find yourself under investigation for a mortgage-related crime, turn to us to fight for you in your time of need.

And More

Our Newark law firm is known for defending our clients against a number of different charges. In addition to those listed above we can also help if you have been accused of internet crimes, medical billing fraud, public corruption, and more. In short, if you are in need of a criminal lawyer who has your best interests at heart and will work hard to ensure that your rights are protected at every step of the way, turn to Robert J. DeGroot in your time of need. There is a lot at stake, no doubt, and that’s why we’ll unravel all of the facts to put together the best possible defense for your specific situation.

Although we put our experience to use, we don’t simply follow a cookie cutter approach to caring for our clients. Instead, we tailor a plan of action to suit your needs. In other words, we treat you like a person instead of a case number.

We know firsthand just what you’re going through and it’s that level of knowledge and the decades of experience that come into play in helping us to figure out the best course forward for your situation. Because there are a number of moving parts, we’ll stay in close communication with you, keeping you posted when we have information that you need. Rather than simply getting a statement from you and moving forward without your input, our team will keep you in the loop. That doesn’t mean that we’ll be using complicated legal jargon, however; rather, our law firm is one that prides itself on giving our clients all of the information in a way that is simple to understand. You know what’s at stake and we go above and beyond to keep our clients apprised of the specifics of their cases and the progress that we are making.


When the Situation Is Stressful, We’ll Be There To Help

In this day and age, things change quickly. That’s why it’s so important to note that Robert DeGroot has been practicing law for nearly fifty years. That’s an impressive feat in and of itself! We are not saying any of this to brag, of course, but the truth of the matter is that in a time when everything can change on the turn of a dime it’s important to know that our lawn firm brings consistency to the table.

Laws change and new legal precedents can be set at any point in time, but steadfastness carries quite a bit of weight. When you’re in need of a white collar crime attorney it can feel like you have to move quickly. This is true, but it’s also true that you shouldn’t hire the first person to take your phone call. Instead, take the time to do your research, speak with the lawyers you are considering hiring, and think it over. The best criminal lawyers are the ones who have a proven track record of success in the specific area in which you require help. Be sure to find a law firm that has plenty of experience in dealing with the specific crime for which you have been charged.

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If you have been searching for a New Jersey criminal lawyer who knows what it takes to fight tenaciously to defend your rights, look no further. At the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot, we provide defense at either a local or federal level to ensure that you get the help you need when times are tough.

We know that your first impulse when hearing that you have been charged with a crime can be to panic, but a consultation with our lawn firm can truly make all the difference in your case. Simply knowing that you’re in good hands can go a long way, and what better hands can you be in than those who bring nearly five full decades of experience to the table?

No matter the situation, you deserve to get qualified help from a criminal defense attorney who knows the ropes. When it comes to Newark law firms who know how to take great care of their clients, we’re at the top of the list. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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