Another Recent White Collar Crime Headline

Here on our blog, from time to time we enjoy taking a look at some of the most famous white collar crimes of all time. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss one that was in the news not so long ago.

4854-3One of the highest-profile white collar crimes in recent memory is that of Marcus Schrenker. From financial troubles to faking his death, the story of Marcus Schrenker is one you just can’t make up.

According to an article on

On January 11, Schrenker took off alone from Anderson, Indiana, in a Piper PA46 plane, saying he was headed for Destin, Florida. While over Alabama, he contacted air traffic controllers, saying that the windshield had imploded and that he was injured and bleeding profusely.

After correcting course, parachuting to safety, and leaving on a stashed motorcycle, Schrenker was well on his way to faking his own death. In the meantime, the Coast Guard sent out helicopters and watercraft in the hope of finding Schrenker. They found his plane with its door open, in flight, with the autopilot on.

The article goes on to note that “Schrenker fled Harpersville on his motorcycle and traveled to a campground in Florida, where he was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service on outstanding charges from Indiana.”  The story is so wild that it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s true, but the fact of the matter is that it is.

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