The Top 3 Fictional Criminal Lawyers

At the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot, we work hard to be the best white collar crime lawyers in Newark, NJ. Are our lives of our team members as dramatic as they are on television? No. Thankfully they aren’t! Are criminal lawyers as entertaining in real life as they are on the small screen? Although television often sensationalizes the lives of lawyers, it’s still fun to watch and enjoy the drama of the case as it unfolds.

Here are a few of the best fictional lawyers of all time:

  • A family watches shows about white collar crime lawyers.Ben Matlock. Any list of the greatest television lawyers should almost be required to mention Andy Griffith as Matlock. Ben Matlock is an incredibly likeable, hardworking attorney who went above and beyond to prove the innocence of his clients. With nine seasons under its belt, the show ended in 1995.
  • Marshall Eriksen. It’s almost impossible not to love How I Met Your Mother’s Marshall Eriksen. Known for his passion for saving the environment as a lawyer, Marshall aggressively pursues a job at environmental law firm Honeywell and Cootes Law Firm in order to try to save the planet.
  • Perry Mason. Criminal lawyer Perry Mason practices law in Los Angeles and generally represents clients who have been charged with murder. After running for nine seasons and returning for thirty TV movies, Perry Mason is generally considered to be one of the most best fictional lawyers of all time.

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