Is White Collar Crime Portrayed Accurately on TV?

Is White Collar Crime Portrayed Accurately On TV


Whether it’s on CSI, Law and Order, or the appropriately titled White Collar, there’s a lot of white collar crime being shown on television. Sometimes these criminals bring in a slick white collar crime lawyer who instantly gets them off the hook.

You’ve seen the shows:

The good-looking criminal scales a tall building, sneaks past a series of laser alarms, and swaps the expensive painting for a convincing fake.

The tech savvy computer hacker runs a program that puts millions of dollars into his bank account from seemingly out of nowhere.

The well-dressed executive scams his shareholders out of their money and they’re none the wiser while he enjoys a night on the town.

But is that what white collar crime is actually like?

To tell you the truth, the answer is sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t look like the television shows. While many of the television shows present white collar crime in a glamorized way, there are things that they get right. Although it’s not often the case that white collar criminals are quite as suave as their real-life counterparts, the way these shows portray the victims is what’s more true to life.

It can be easy when watching television and movies to root for the bad guys because it seems like the crimes they’re committing are victimless. In an interview with Marketplace, White Collar creator Jeff Eastin noted that “one of the things [they’ve] done is to try to really put a human face on the victims.”

So is white collar crime portrayed accurately on television? Sometimes.

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