The Worst Fictional White Collar Crime Lawyer of All Time

When it comes to hiring a white collar crime lawyer, you only want the best. Here at the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot, we’ve got more than four decades of experience in defending our clients against a number of different crimes. We know how important it is to have good representation, and that’s why we wouldn’t want any of these fictional white collar crime lawyers defending our case.

Arrested Development‘s Barry Zuckerkorn is a Terrible White Collar Crime Lawyer

Barry Zuckerkorn is the worst white collar crime lawyer of all time.
Barry Zuckerkorn is very likely the worst example of a white collar crime lawyer on television. Despite his clients’ insistence that he’s “very good,” there’s no way we’d want Arrested Development’s Barry Zuckerkorn defending our case. Between his confusion about refundable bonds, his statement that husbands and wives can’t be tried for the same crime, and advising his clients to break the law on a regular basis, Zuckerkorn has to be at the top of the list of the worst TV lawyers of all time.

Famously played by Henry Winkler (perhaps best known for his role as Fonzie on Happy Days), Barry Zuckerkorn is very likely to be the worst of the worst. Although his character is good for a number of laughs, there’s absolutely no way we’d want him defending us in a court of law.

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