3 Important Terms To Know When Talking With A Criminal Law Attorney


dreamstime_xxl_18307689We’ll admit it, the language used with the judge and around our criminal defense law firm might seem strange to someone unfamiliar with the legal process. But, just like scientists, it’s important that we have a universal way of speaking so that there’s absolutely no confusion as to what’s being conveyed.

Let’s start with some of the obvious ones and move on to some of the more complex terms you might hear.

Prosecution / Prosecutor: The prosecution is the government side of the legal process, charged with trying to prove the guilt of the defendant. The prosecutor is the primary lawyer leading the case. (Prosecutor should not be confused with plaintiff. Plaintiffs are the accusing party in a civil trial, not a criminal one).

Defense / Defendant: If you’re in need of a criminal law attorney, charges have been brought up against you. This makes you the defendant. You hire a criminal defense law firm as your defense.

Burden of Proof: As the defendant, you always have one major advantage…the government must prove that you have committed the crime. Burden of proof is all about the evidence that can be brought against you, so it’s important to find a criminal law firm that can find ways of making sure that some evidence is never presented before a jury or judge.

These terms might seem simple, but it’s important that you know what you’re dealing with and not just relying on the terms when they’re used on television. We’ll be back with some of the more complex terms you might hear, but don’t wait around for those if you’re in trouble…contact a criminal attorney today!