3 Winning Qualities To Look For In A Drug Possession Lawyer

dreamstime_xxl_35224510Facing drug possession charges is a difficult and stressful position to be in. Depending on the type and amount of drug in question, as well as additional charges that may apply, you could be facing serious penalties. Those penalties include fines and prison time, but could also have far reaching effects on your future ability to find a job and housing opportunities. Dealing with this situation in a way that protects your rights, reputation, and future requires the services of a winning drug possession lawyer. If you’re looking to hire an attorney, these are the qualities they need to have.


Many defense attorneys say that they can handle drug possession cases, but it’s important to press them for details about their past experience. Have they handled a case with similar circumstances? If so, what were the outcomes of those cases?


It’s essential that any attorney hired for your drug possession case has a clear strategy for handling your situation. Not a general strategy that can be applied to all drug possession cases, but a specific plan that takes into account all the circumstances of your situation and has a high probability of achieving favorable results.

Reasonable Fee

In addition to offering significant experience and a sound strategy that shows good judgement, you drug possession attorney should offer these services at a reasonable legal fee. In this case, reasonable doesn’t mean cheap. You want to make sure your lawyer is a good value, meaning they are worth the fee they charge. Fast food is cheap, but it isn’t good for you. The same goes for attorneys. Remember this is your life, future, and reputation on the line.

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