A Bribery and Public Corruption Glossary Part 2

Public corruption law keeps public officials and those who try to buy influence and undue advantages from them accountable for their illegal actions. This area of the law includes a long list of possible charges, and each charge is very similar to the others except for a few specific distinctions. A bribe, for example, is very similar to a graft, but while a bribe requires the participation of 2 separate parties, graft offenses can be committed by a single official.

If you’re facing public corruption charges, do so with the knowledge of what you’re being charged with and how that charge differs from other similar charges. Don’t forget to read part 1 of our public corruption glossary.

A Few Key Terms You Should Know

Blackmail: A person blackmails another person when he or she threatens to reveal embarrassing, socially damaging, or criminally incriminating, etc., information to the public, a family member, or associates unless the threatened person meets some sort of demand.

Illegal Kickback: Although kickbacks are not always illegal, an illegal kickback is the payment of money, gifts, or anything of value to a person as compensation for a favorable action. It’s called a “kickback” because the person receiving payment procures an undue advantage for the person paying, and a portion of that advantage gets “kicked back” to the person receiving payment.

Graft: A graft is some sort of personal gain or advantage acquired through dishonest means such as the abuse of one’s position or political influence. Graft charges only require the participation of the public official, and he or she need only gain something of value other than his or her official pay in order to be charged.  

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