Arrested On Federal Drug Charges In Newark?

Handling drug possession defense at the federal level requires a separate area of expertise. We will fight tenaciously against the prosecution’s case, doing everything in our power to limit your exposure to the consequences of a conviction. You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer from Newark that will be with you every step of the way; you need Robert J. DeGroot. Remember, whether you are in custody or in the “free world,” one firm rule applies: Do not discuss your case with anyone but your lawyer. Anything you say can and will be used against you. This is true whether you talk to a police officer, a person you just met in a holding cell, or a “friend.”

There are often valid reasons why you would choose to keep silent when dealing with the police. Do not allow them to intimidate you during questioning. Make sure that you call on Robert J. DeGroot as soon as possible to make sure that what you say will not further incriminate you.

What If The Police Are Wrong? 

You have the right to challenge anything the police have said or done in relation to your arrest. However, to do this you must collect the names and addresses of any witnesses to the offense and file a written record as soon as is reasonably possible. Make sure that it is dated and signed and that there is a witness to the witnesses’ signature. Take photographs or video records of any injuries as soon as possible and seek medical treatment without delay.