Don’t Let Tax Fraud Charges Ruin Your Life


If you’re arrested or brought up on charges of tax fraud, you might be worried about the obvious punishments, fines and jail time. But being convicted can lead to more ramifications that go well beyond the obvious:

Future employment – On most job applications there’s a section asking “have you ever been convicted of a felony?” It’s easy to explain away trouble you might have had as a teen, but it may be next to impossible to land a steady job after being convicted of tax fraud. And if you lie on the application, it doesn’t matter…your conviction is public record and potential employers will find out. It’s best not to get convicted in the first place, and that’s where and experienced tax evasion lawyer comes in.

Not being allowed to vote  – If you are in prison, on parole, or on probation, New Jersey law prohibits you from voting. That might not sound like much, but parole can last longer than you think. When people ask you if you voted, what excuse will you have to give?

Fines – You don’t just have to pay the back-taxes; there are substantial fines that can (and will) be levied. Depending on the level of fraud you’re accused of, it could take you a lifetime to pay. Best to not get convicted of tax fraud in the first place.

Jail time – Like we said, you’re probably worried about this, and with good reason. It’s time lost from your life. The right tax evasion attorney can get jail time reduced or even eliminated. It all depends on his or her experience and knowledge of the law.

Prison time – Worry about this one even more than jail. Jail is bad enough, but don’t think that prison isn’t an option for the prosecutor to pursue. The actor Wesley Snipes spent three years in prison on tax charges…pick the right lawyer and you’re more likely to avoid his fate.

All of these can be avoided if you hire the right tax evasion lawyer. Put your trust in us and our experience.