Drug Charges Can Be Fought By The Right Drug Possession Attorney


If there’s one thing that’s been made perfectly clear by the burgeoning marijuana industry, it’s that the laws and the public attitude toward drugs is constantly changing. As some drugs become accepted, other’s become more demonized.

Do you know the constantly changing laws for New Jersey, its neighboring states, and the federal government? Better yet, will you trust your future to a less experienced criminal law firm? Don’t put your life in the hands of just any drug possession attorney.

When a state like Colorado or Washington legalizes marijuana, it puts pressure on the law enforcement of surrounding states to police the borders as legal pot becomes illegal (Oklahoma and Nebraska sued Colorado). Courts are more likely to be harsh in order to encourage people to keep the stuff where it’s legal.

Medical marijuana is legal in New Jersey, but when something legal becomes illegal (like if you get some pot from a card-carrying friend), you have to do everything you can to make sure that the courts won’t make an example of you. You need the right drug possession attorney.

Possession: Depending on the amount and kind of drug you had on you, court attitudes will change. We have enough experience to know when the leniency starts and stops and can plan your case accordingly.

Trafficking: Whether you’re being brought up on federal or state charges, we can help defend you. Were you or your vehicle searched legally? Your life could be over if you pick the wrong criminal defense attorney.

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