Your Entire Career As A Public Servant Could Be Over Now Unless You Find The Right Criminal Justice Attorney


When you’re charged with public corruption, you can’t just beat the charges…you’ve got to obliterate them.

That’s because when you’re merely accused of a crime as a public official, the “court of public opinion” has already found you  guilty. If you merely win your case, it seems like you simply beat the system. But if you have the proper criminal justice attorney on your side who has the experience in defending public officials of corruption charges, the case can resolve in such a way as to bring the public around to your side.

No matter who has brought the charges against you, be it the FBI, IRS, or local officials, rest assured that the law offices of Robert J. DeGroot can help defend you in cases of:

Embezzlement: Just because the money disappeared doesn’t mean you did it. We’re here to defend you with decades of experience.

Granting favors: Did you grant a favor or simply choose the best candidate for the job? Defending your choice with the wrong criminal defense attorney could be the end of your career.

Misuse of public funds: If you have someone looking to sully your reputation, this can be one of the easiest charges to bring against you. Whether you went out for fast food on the public dime just once, or blew the whole budget in Vegas, you still have rights that we’ll defend.

Accepted bribes or gratuities: What constitutes a bribe varies and can be differently interpreted. You need a criminal justice attorney with the experience to help you navigate the system for these white collar crimes.

Violating oath of office: Honesty is incredibly important to the public. How will you be trusted if the trial doesn’t go your way?


You’ve got to get past these often high-profile cases so that you can get on with your career. Call us the moment trouble arrises.