Find The Right Tax Evasion Lawyer To Fight For You


It’s not too long until tax season, and you’ll probably see dozens of articles telling you ways to avoid all of the red flags that alert the IRS and sends them your way. We’re not here to tell you how to avoid getting noticed in the first place, but we’ll do our best to keep you out of trouble. Over the years we have addressed all of these issues countless times, so use and experienced tax evasion lawyer to make your run-in with the IRS as painless as possible.

Failure to report income – When you work for a large company, income reporting is a simple idea…in January they send you your paperwork and that’s it. When you work for yourself or have a side income, it’s easy and common to let things slide. Whether you forget or “forget,” you need someone to get your back.

Failure to file tax return – There are many reasons why someone might not file a tax return, and we’ve seen them all. Talk to us if you missed last year or if you haven’t filed for a decade.

Inadequate records – Sometimes, even if you’ve done everything in your power, something still goes wrong. Whether it was losing documentation or not knowing that you needed to keep it in the first place, we know the legality of the charges.

Understatement of income – This is so easy to do, either intentionally or unintentionally. Maybe you forgot one of your projects that happened a year ago January? We’ll let you know your options.

Payroll and sales tax fraud – No matter your situation, you have the right (and access) to proper defense. We deal with trials of payroll and sales tax fraud all the time, so call an experienced tax evasion lawyer before it gets hairy.

One thing is for certain…it will be a lot worse if you go it alone. Find the right tax evasion lawyer today and take full advantage of your rights.