Get Help Fighting Your Health Care Fraud Charges Today

Health care fraud can seem like a minor crime, especially when an individual commits an act that seems like it has little impact and doesn’t really “hurt anyone.” But a conviction for health care fraud, especially when the defendant is a professional who depends on a license to practice, can irreparably change the course of that professional’s life. If you are facing healthcare fraud charges, you want a Newark criminal defense attorney with nearly 40 years of experience. Since 1972, the law offices of Robert J. DeGroot has been providing exceptional and highly-skilled criminal defense to clients throughout the Newark, New Jersey area.

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, hospital administrator or pharmacist, we are here to step in and defend you against healthcare fraud charges. Inquiries usually begin with an audit. The moment you are approached by investigators about a potential health care fraud case, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney like Robert J. DeGroot. You can unknowingly incriminate yourself anytime you speak to an investigator if you don’t have legal advice. We will prepare you from the initial stages of an audit and investigations to a grand jury investigation or special enforcement proceeding if necessary.

Local criminal defense attorneys are the only people capable of providing you with legal advice in light of their knowledge of the law, as well as their experience with local prosecutors, courts, and criminal investigations. Your health care fraud charges could include any of the following:

  • Upcoding
  • Medical billing fraud
  • Billing for nonexistent work
  • Unnecessary procedures
  • Unnecessary DME (Durable Medical Equipment)
  • Solicitation for unnecessary procedures
  • Kickbacks or self-referrals
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • False persons named in insurance policy
  • Prescription fraud