Hire The Right White Collar Crime Attorney Or Face The Consequences

Hire The Right White Collar Crime Attorney Or Face The Consequences


When’s the best time to call a white collar crime attorney? Is it when you’re in the courtroom? Certainly not. How about when the papers have been filed and you’re officially indicted? No, you need to call well before that. Let’s go back in time…the latest you should call a white collar crime lawyer is…

At the arrest: If yours is an arrestable offence, this is the absolute latest you should call a criminal defense attorney. Perhaps you didn’t see it coming, perhaps the charges are greater than you ever imagined. If you find yourself under arrested, call us immediately so that we can help mitigate the circumstances.

If you’re being investigated: Maybe the investigators at at your office with a warrant. They’re auditing everything, going through your papers, and you’re pretty sure they’re going to find something. (Even if you haven’t done anything wrong, there’s a good chance they’re going to find something). Call us immediately. We’ll look at the warrant and make sure they even have the right to be there. We’ll make sure they aren’t walking off with something they’re not allowed to. And we can counsel you on whether or not you’re required to turn over keys and passwords.

If you see which way the wind is blowing: Maybe there have been rumors about government investigators cracking down on a practice that you’ve been engaging in. Even if you thought what you were doing was legal, it’s important to get a white collar crime lawyer as soon as possible so that we can document both your stance and your paperwork before the investigators even become involved.

When it comes to white collar crime, don’t delay…the consequences could get exponentially worse without legal counsel. Call as soon as possible.