If Your Criminal Defense Law Firm Is For You, Who Is Against You?

criminal defense law firms are for you in tough timesHere at The Law Offices Of Robert J. DeGroot, we will fight for your rights the moment you enlist our services. We want you to choose us as your criminal defense law firm because we firmly believe in your Constitutional rights to due process.

But if we’re for you, who is against you in a criminal law case? We’re not going to badmouth them because they are doing the jobs that they’ve been assigned, but we can tell you that once we are for you we will fight them for your best possible outcome.

The Prosecution: The prosecution works for the government. The prosecution is composed of the lead prosecutor as well as other prosecuting attorneys.

Once the prosecutor gets the go-ahead from the Grand Jury to continue the case against you, it is their job to bring you down. They’re not there to question your guilt; they’re going into the case assuming that you’re guilty, and it’s their job to prove it no matter what you (or we) say.

The Prosecution’s Witnesses: When there are witnesses in a case who are testifying against you, it is our job as your defense attorney to find the cracks in their story. We’ll do what we can to discredit their testimony so that it doesn’t adversely affect the opinion of the judge and jury.

The Jury: Please understand what we’re saying here…the jury is not bad, and they are not your enemy. But in most cases they are already against you; after all, the police arrested you and the Grand Jury thought there was enough evidence to continue the case. So while you are innocent until proven guilty, they are coming in with a negative view of you. The best criminal defense attorneys will work to make you look as good as possible in the jury’s eyes.

At the Law Offices Of Robert J. DeGroot, we’re going to fight for your rights. Give us a call at the first sign that you need a criminal law attorney.