Sometimes Even Legal Professionals Need A Good Criminal Defense Attorney


dreamstime_xxl_34585453If you’re a legal professional in need of criminal defense, you’ve found the right defense attorney. We know that even the slightest blemish on your name must be erased immediately before it tarnishes the rest of your career. If you’ve been accused of violating a code of ethics or are involved in criminal proceedings, be sure to contact the law offices of Robert J. DeGroot and receive the proper representation as quickly as possible. Why contact us? Ask yourself these questions.

Is it your specialty? –  We understand that you know some aspects of the law, but depending on your type of law you might not know the inner workings of the defense side the way a defense attorney does. There are tactics a criminal defense attorney knows that work, as we’re constantly involved with that aspect of the law. If criminal defense isn’t your specialty, get someone who knows the ins and outs.

Would you represent yourself? – Have you ever advised a client to represent him or herself? Probably not. Saying things in your own defense doesn’t convince a jury…just having someone speak on your behalf shows that you have someone on your side. That’s why it’s important to not go it alone.

At the same time….

Double-up – If you’re a legal professional, you have a mind for the law. Hiring the proper criminal defense attorney give you someone to talk to…not in a psychiatrist sort of way, but someone who can talk your language and bounce ideas off of. We’ll listen to you and formulate the best possible defense.

When you need excellent defense, contact the law offices of Robert J. DeGroot. We’ll do everything we can to clear your name.