How To Prepare For A Medicare Billing Audit

    A doctor’s main concern is for his or her patients. Making sure that every person under their care has reliable, high-quality services to help them address or prevent illness is their top priority. Most doctors don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what happens after they leave the examination room, let alone […]

What Are The Penalties For Health Care Fraud?

Doctors and health care providers of all kinds must be vigilant to avoid even the appearance of billing fraud. These white collar crimes are taken very seriously by the government, and it’s necessary to enlist the services of an experienced in attorney in Newark if charges are filed. According to the Economist, “Federal prosecutors had […]

4 Ways People Commit Health Care Fraud Without Even Knowing It

    Health care fraud is a serious issue in America. Experts estimate that fraud and abuse of the medical billing system takes billions of dollars out of the economy each year. This fraud is one of many factors that contribute to rising healthcare costs, or even loss of coverage for some individuals. While most of […]