Tax Fraud Lawyers : How Do They Do It?


When you’re in trouble with the federal government, which is usually the case with tax fraud, it’s not a matter to be taken lightly. They’ve spent their lives knowing taxes and the law, and you might not know much about either. So what kind of person should you call?

Your tax guy can’t practice law, and the lawyer who gets you out of traffic violations doesn’t even do his own taxes (he probably uses your tax guy!)

You need someone who specializes in both. You need a tax fraud lawyer. But who is this person?

Let’s take a moment to break it down. Tax. Lawyer. Think for a second about how specialized that person has to be.

Tax: There aren’t too many people who enjoy doing taxes. It’s a part of life, sure, but even the most simple document makes some people’s eyes cross. When you start talking about business taxes, or those for corporations, it just gets infinitely more complicated. Plus tax procedures change every year. That’s a good job for someone with the mind of your tax guy.

Lawyer: Start with at least six years of college, closer to eight years most of the time. Get extensive experience in the United States Legal System. One that is in constant change, even more so than the tax system. That’s what it takes to be a lawyer.


Now, combine these two systems, two of the most complex organizational and bureaucratic system that have ever arisen in the history of the world.

Tax. Lawyer. It takes a very special person to excel in both these fields. Good thing the law offices of Robert J. DeGroot have assembled these special tax fraud attorneys for when you need them.