The Federal Tax Fraud Attorney You Can Trust

Being charged with federal tax fraud in Newark can be a long term nightmare if it is not handled correctly. It can take years to undo the damage of these charges, along with the extensive costs of back taxes, penalties and interest. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for tax fraud, it is in your best interest to speak to an experienced tax fraud attorney about your case.

Everyone knows that federal tax laws are complicated and confusing. But a defense attorney experienced in criminal tax law will:

  • Explain the charge you are facing.
  • Tell you how the criminal justice system works.
  • Analyze the alternatives available to you.
  • Challenge the evidence against you.

In a criminal complaint, the government takes on the burden of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you knowingly and intentionally committed tax fraud – a very difficult feat, to say the least. Your federal tax fraud attorney will review evidence and find witnesses to support your case, while challenging and weakening the government’s argument using various defense tools like suppressing government evidence.

In federal tax fraud cases, the government may choose to take civil action rather than prosecute criminally. In a civil action lawsuit, the burden of proof is reduced to a preponderance of the evidence, usually equating to 49 versus 51 percent. Generally, your attorney will work to develop evidence to swing the preponderance of evidence to your favor and challenge the IRS’s evidence.

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