The Many Faces of Bank Fraud

Most of us hear words like “theft” and “fraud” in our everyday lives, but we’re unfamiliar with what those things really mean when it comes to criminal charges. Bank fraud, for example, can take a number of forms and can be perpetrated by persons in a variety of positions.

There are two parts to the legal definition of bank fraud. A person commits this crime when (1) he or she knowingly and secretly uses illegal means to obtain money or other assets from a bank or other financial institution or when (2) he or she impersonates a bank or financial institution in order to obtain money or other assets from unsuspecting depositors.

Are You Facing Charges of Bank Fraud?

As the two-part definition suggests, bank fraud can be committed in a lot of different ways. An individual or group of people might create a fake company, complete with its own website, in order to trick others into depositing money with them.

Stolen or forged checks are also a type of bank fraud, as is taking out a fraudulent loan. A fraudulent loan charge can be brought against you if you take out a loan with the knowledge that you will file for bankruptcy immediately afterwards, if you use a false identity in order to get approved, or if you forge information on the application.

The New Jersey Criminal Law Firm You Can Count On

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