When the IRS Comes Calling, Make Sure You Contact A Seasoned Tax Fraud Lawyer


Here’s the understatement of the century…taxes are complex. While ostensibly meant to make everything more fair for everyone, they often create traps for people to fall into. Often it’s like they’re trying to set bait and lure people into intentionally or unintentionally abusing the system.

Because there are so many loopholes, people are constantly looking for more loopholes, some of which may not hold up in court. And the tax holes you fell into might not even have been your fault, because of the constantly changing rules, misunderstandings of the law, or maybe you even had your tax returns filed by someone who supposedly knew what they were doing.

When you’re being investigated by the IRS, the early involvement of an experienced tax fraud lawyer is an absolute must. Failure to do so could get you too far down the rabbit hole and you’re suddenly stuck without a defender who could help mitigate the consequences, which, because many tax laws are federal, could include heavy fines and jail time. When the IRS comes calling, come to us if you’re suspected of any of the following:

  • Tax evasion
  • Failure to report international income
  • Filing a false tax return
  • Failure to report offshore accounts
  • Failure to file tax returns
  • Payroll tax fraud
  • Sales tax fraud

DO NOT hesitate when you find that you’re under investigation by the IRS for any wrongdoing. Contact the criminal defense law firm of Robert J. DeGroot so that we can help you devise the best defense possible with our tax fraud lawyers.