When You Employ A Criminal Defense Attorney, Who Are Some Of The People Working On Your Case?


If you find a lawyer who says that he, himself, alone and with no one else, will be handling your case…run!

Every criminal defense attorney at the law offices of Robert J. DeGroot has years of courtroom experience, and our founder has more than 40 years as a criminal defense lawyer. But because of the incredible amount of paperwork and research that’s required for even the simplest case, no one person could effectively do it alone. That’s why you want a team behind you with an incredible leader, and that team is made up of lots of different people. Here are few of the people you might run into at a criminal defense law firm.

Paralegal: Paralegals have legal training but are not lawyers. They may work for directly for a law office or may freelance their services to a law office, but they cannot offer their services directly to the public. Paralegals are experts in drawing up the proper paperwork and making sure that everything is in order

Law Clerks: Law clerks are students studying to become lawyers. It’s an excellent way for them to learn the ropes both in research and in preparation for court by assisting criminal defense attorneys.

Legal Secretaries: The laws are constantly changing, and it’s important to have legal secretaries who will make sure that all of the procedural requirements that are required by the legal system. They’ll also help with the administrative duties of defense lawyers.

It’s important that you have a team behind you, and these are just a few of the people you might meet in a law firm. When you’re in trouble, get the right team behind you. Contact us today!