When You’re In Trouble For Internet Crimes, Call A Defense Attorney Right Away

dreamstime_xxl_37921311There are dozens of ways to break thousands of laws when it comes to internet crime. While you might think you’re just running a simple scam, it can get very complicated when dealing with computers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hacking, password trafficking, child pornography, fraud, harassment, or bomb threats…if it involves a computer, things can get convoluted quickly.

If you type “internet crimes” into Google, the first result you’re going to get is for www.justice.com. If someone wants to report you for an internet crime, the first suggestion is almost always…

The FBI: That got intense fast, didn’t it? Nearly all crimes involving the internet can involve the FBI. When that happens, you’ve gone from needing local support to needing a federal criminal defense attorney. The local FBI office can investigate and use all of the powers of the national office against you. Someone turning you in can also contact the US Secret Service, or the Internet Crime Complaint Center…which is actually just another branch of the FBI.

But how did things get to the federal level so quickly?

You’ve crossed state borders: Everything is connected, so whether you knew it or not you’ve crossed state borders in nearly every instance of wrongdoing involving computers. Because you’ve stepped out of the jurisdiction of local law enforcement there’s very little choice but to have a federal agency start investigating.

If you’ve been accused of any internet crime, you can’t trust just anyone to handle the case. Give the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot a call as soon as possible.