Why Pharmacies Might Need A White Collar Crime Attorney


We recognize what an incredible feat it is just to become a pharmacist, so when you or your pharmacy is being investigated for criminal activity it’s not something you can take likely. After all, your career and all your years of schooling are on the line. That’s why you need to contact a white collar crime attorney as soon as you can.

Whether you yourself are under investigation for wrongdoing or it’s the entire pharmacy, you need to have someone in your corner who has had experience defending pharmacists before. Here are just a few of the many situations in which we’ve successfully defended pharmacies and pharmacists:

Prescription forgery – Even if it’s an innocent signing of a prescription that a doctor forgot to sign, this could mean trouble.

Pharmacy misfill of controlled substances – whether intentional or unintentional, this can be a problem at the state and federal level

Stealing blank prescription pads – Whether you took pads to sell, or just took outdated ones home for your kids to draw on, you might be in trouble.

Unnecessary prescriptions – if you’ve been told to pad a patient’s bill by filling prescriptions that you know aren’t necessary

Fraudulent prescriptions – if you’ve written a prescription and didn’t have authorization to do so.

Pharmacy errors in billing – this is easy to do but will bite you during an audit

Impersonating a pharmacist – If you’ve lost your license and are still practicing, that’s big trouble.

Whether you’re in the middle of an investigation or audit, or if you sense that one may be coming soon, it’s important to employ a white collar crime attorney as soon as possible. We’ll have you prepared.