Why Sex Crimes Require The Right Criminal Defense Law Firm

dreamstime_xxl_31343379We talked in the last blog about how everything is stacked against you, especially when you’re accused of a sex crime. We could list those reasons from the last blog, but they play very well into this blog and actually help shape it.

This blog is all about the jury and why it’s probably best to avoid going to trial at all. That’s because the jury already thinks you’re guilty. After all…

You’ve already been arrested: Why would the police arrest the wrong man? If the police think you did it, why shouldn’t they? After all, the police spent dozens or hundreds of hours making sure they found the right man, right? So the jury subconsciously thinks that their work has already been done for them.

You’ve already been indicted: As if the “endorsement” from the police attesting to your guilt wasn’t enough, the grand jury sat down and decided that there was enough evidence against you to move forward with the trail. Let’s look at that from a jury member’s point of view. A separate jury…the GRAND one…already thinks that you probably did it. Bad news for you.

It’s a sex crime: Whether you did it or not, the jury wants you to pay…because they want someone to pay. They want to be tough on sex crimes because it’s so horrible, and someone must atone for it. The moment they are selected for the jury on a sex crimes case, they’re ready to make someone pay!

Is it fair? No. We’re not saying that courtroom juries should act this way, but they often do. These are all strikes against you, and you need the criminal defense law firm behind you who will help you decide if avoiding going to trial is the best option. Give us a call today at the first sign of trouble.