Your Life Can Turn Dark Without The Right White Collar Crime Attorney


White Collar Crime comes about when someone has the opportunity to commit a crime that they might otherwise not have been capable of committing if they’d been in a blue-collar position. This term has only been around about 75 years and is used to describe a non-violent money related crime. If you’ve been accused of one of the following crimes, you’ll need to find the most experienced white collar crime attorney in Newark as soon as possible.

Money Laundering – changing criminal money into seemingly legitimate funds.

Insurance Fraud – intentionally misreporting claims for financial gain

Credit Card Fraud – misusing other people’s credit cards or numbers

Health Care Fraud – abusing the health care system and/or involved insurance companies

Fraudulent Billing of Medicare or Medicaid – misusing or filing false reports in order to defraud these government organizations

Tax Fraud – failing to report income or using the tax system to outright defraud the government

Embezzlement – taking of money that was in your care

Bribery – giving money or favors to alter the decisions of officials

Bank and Mortgage Fraud – using the housing system to deceive customers or banks

Securities Fraud – convincing investors to act based on false information. Includes crimes such as stock fraud, insider trading, and Ponzi schemes

Any of these crimes can lead to harsh fines and jail time. Even if you’re innocent it can still lead to years of misery. The right white collar crime attorney can help you navigate the legal system and save you as much headache as possible. Call the Law Offices of Robert J. DeGroot today.