Don’t Panic If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Crimes like tax evasion are very serious, but what if you just can’t afford to pay your taxes? The IRS recognizes that a simple inability to pay should not be treated the same way as a failure to file or a false return. There are procedures and programs in place to keep you and the […]

Why You Should Disclose Offshore Accounts To The IRS

In the past, United States taxpayers with offshore accounts and foreign assets have been caught using these accounts to hide income from the IRS in order to avoid paying taxes on the funds. This practice is considered tax fraud, and the IRS is constantly identifying those individuals with undisclosed foreign financial accounts and assets in […]

3 Good Reasons to Pay Your Taxes

Unless you are a rare type of person, you probably don’t enjoy paying your taxes. They can be intimidating and confusing, and there’s nothing pleasant about watching your money disappear into the abyss of government spending. All of that being said, you really should pay your taxes for a number of reasons. Let’s take a […]

A Brief Guide to Tax Fraud Charges

Tax law can be intimidating to deal with. Unless you are an accountant, a tax fraud lawyer, or someone else who deals with the fine points of tax law on a regular basis, it can be difficult to understand just what you might be doing wrong. There are many tax fraud charges that can be […]

Terms A Defense Attorney Might Use And What They Mean

The legal system of the United States is constantly changing…so why do we use so many archaic terms from a dead language that’s thousands of years old? Well, since it’s constantly changing is a good reason to have strong roots, and that’s where a lot of the Latin terms we use come into play. While […]

When You’re With Your Criminal Defense Attorney, Speak Up And Be Quiet!

When you’ve been brought up on charges, there are times to speak and there are times to shut up. The important thing is to realize when those times are. Shut Up! – When you’re arrested, don’t give any more information that you have to. Call a criminal defense attorney immediately and refuse to answer any […]

Your Trusted Newark Tax Fraud Lawyer Wants To Help You

If you or your business is facing IRS fraud charges, you need to make sure your case is handled properly by a seasoned federal criminal defense attorney. To arrange a free consultation with a Newark tax fraud defense attorney, call us toll free at 866-970-0783 or contact us online. Did you know that you can […]

Have You Been Charged With Tax Fraud In Newark?

Tax evasion occurs when individuals or organizations illegally avoid paying their taxes. They may fail to report or inaccurately report their income, inflate deductions, or hide money. There are five common ways in which tax evasion occurs. Individuals or corporations may: fail to report cash income, take unauthorized deductions, claim false charitable deductions, overestimate the […]

The Federal Tax Fraud Attorney You Can Trust

Being charged with federal tax fraud in Newark can be a long term nightmare if it is not handled correctly. It can take years to undo the damage of these charges, along with the extensive costs of back taxes, penalties and interest. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for tax fraud, […]

Are You Being Investigated For Federal Tax Fraud?

Robert J. DeGroot is a distinguished and experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer. It’s important to know that any criminal charge regardless of whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony will have a negative impact and potentially haunt you for years. If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges in New Jersey or New York, it is critical to have […]