The Story of Frank Abagnale and Why You Need a Bank Fraud Lawyer

In a previous post, we mentioned Catch Me If You Can as one of the greatest films about white collar crime to ever have been made. The film revolves around Frank Abagnale, the son of a business owner who decided to run away at the age of 15 who went on to become one of the most famous con men of all time. According to his bio on, Abagnale “impersonated various white collar professionals, creating an overseas trail, and was arrested at 21 by the French police.”

Could Abagnale have benefited from a bank fraud lawyer?

Getting a start in crime by writing bad checks, committing bank fraud, scamming gas station attendants, and altering his driver’s license, Abagnale eventually moved on to impersonating airline pilots in order to impress people and travel the world with his new identity. Once the airlines caught on, Abagnale decided to impersonate a doctor at a small town in Georgia.

Need a bank fraud lawyer?After his arrest and incarceration, Abagnale began a lecture circuit in which he discussed the ins and outs of white collar crime. also notes that,” In exchange for his freedom, the government told Abagnale that he had to educate them about his methods in order to prevent others from defrauding authorities” and that “Frank worked with the FBI for more than 30 years as one of the world’s foremost experts on document fraud, check swindling, forgery and embezzlement.”

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Do you need a bank fraud lawyer?

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