Bank Fraud: A Detailed Look

In today’s blog, we take a detailed look at a common white collar crime—bank fraud. With bank fraud being a hot topic again thanks to what’s going on over at Wells Fargo, we decided that it was time to provide our readers with the ultimate guide answering the most common questions we get about bank […]

Why the Right Bank Fraud Lawyer Can Make Your Case

In a recent blog, we went over some of the latest information in the Wells Fargo bank fraud scandal. Although bank fraud isn’t generally something that people have at the front of their minds, thanks to what’s happening with Wells Fargo, bank fraud is being talked about by more people than ever. How can bank […]

The Story of Frank Abagnale and Why You Need a Bank Fraud Lawyer

In a previous post, we mentioned Catch Me If You Can as one of the greatest films about white collar crime to ever have been made. The film revolves around Frank Abagnale, the son of a business owner who decided to run away at the age of 15 who went on to become one of […]