Three Qualities You Need In A Defense Attorney

If you’re facing a criminal charge, the most important step you can take is to call an appropriate defense attorney. For serious, complex charges such as tax evasion or other tax fraud charges, the attorney you choose needs to have a few specific qualities in order to give you the best possible result. If you’re […]

Don’t Panic If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Crimes like tax evasion are very serious, but what if you just can’t afford to pay your taxes? The IRS recognizes that a simple inability to pay should not be treated the same way as a failure to file or a false return. There are procedures and programs in place to keep you and the […]

Why You Should Disclose Offshore Accounts To The IRS

In the past, United States taxpayers with offshore accounts and foreign assets have been caught using these accounts to hide income from the IRS in order to avoid paying taxes on the funds. This practice is considered tax fraud, and the IRS is constantly identifying those individuals with undisclosed foreign financial accounts and assets in […]

3 Good Reasons to Pay Your Taxes

Unless you are a rare type of person, you probably don’t enjoy paying your taxes. They can be intimidating and confusing, and there’s nothing pleasant about watching your money disappear into the abyss of government spending. All of that being said, you really should pay your taxes for a number of reasons. Let’s take a […]

A Brief Guide to Tax Fraud Charges

Tax law can be intimidating to deal with. Unless you are an accountant, a tax fraud lawyer, or someone else who deals with the fine points of tax law on a regular basis, it can be difficult to understand just what you might be doing wrong. There are many tax fraud charges that can be […]

After You’ve Been Arrested In New Jersey, Call A Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away!

After you’ve been arrested, there are many paths that can be taken before (or if) your case goes to trial. Here’s a quick rundown of what you might experience, and why it’s so important to have the proper criminal defense attorney on your side every step of the way.  

Your Trusted Newark Tax Fraud Lawyer Wants To Help You

If you or your business is facing IRS fraud charges, you need to make sure your case is handled properly by a seasoned federal criminal defense attorney. To arrange a free consultation with a Newark tax fraud defense attorney, call us toll free at 866-970-0783 or contact us online. Did you know that you can […]

The Experienced White Collar Crime Attorney You Need On Your Side

Led by Newark white collar crimes attorney Robert J. DeGroot, we bring over 40 years of experience to every case. In that time, we have successfully defended clients against a broad range of crimes, including: Embezzlement Credit card fraud Insurance fraud Money laundering Public corruption RICO Act violations/racketeering charges Securities fraud Bank and mortgage fraud […]

The Federal White Collar Crime Lawyer You Need To Call Now

At the law firm of Robert J. DeGroot, we have defended clients in New Jersey, New York and Westchester against serious criminal allegations since 1972. As white collar crime lawyers, we are proactive and aggressive, working to prevent charges from being filed against our clients to begin with. If that is not possible or if you […]

Embezzlement Charges? Hire A White Collar Crime Attorney

If you’re charged with a white collar crime in Newark, you need a powerful defense. Federal or state law enforcement may spend months or even years conducting investigations before a financial crime charge is leveled against someone. All that time is used to gather evidence and build a case against the person to be accused. If […]