When Does A Drug Crime Become A Federal Offense?

Federal drug possession charges can come with severe mandatory sentencing and few opportunities for probation. There is also a high likelihood that you will not be able to get parole. If your name has been mentioned in a federal drug possession case, you need to contact us right away for a free initial consultation with our experienced federal criminal defense attorney, Robert J. DeGroot. But when does a drug crime turn into a federal offense where you need the help of a federal criminal defense attorney?

One of the most sure fire ways of a standard drug crime to be charged at federal level is when a federal officer makes the arrest. This could entail anything from being caught smoking marijuana at a national park to being picked up in a drug bust by the Drug Enforcement Administration. However, in most cases, the charges become federal because law enforcement officials are working together with federal agencies. If someone informs on you, whether willingly or not, the charge will immediately become federal.

Unfortunately, once someone is in the federal system, they will generally do all they can to get out of it, or to at least find methods to reduce their potential sentence. This is because federal penalties are much more severe than state penalties, and you can find yourself guilty of conspiracy charges or aiding and abetting, even if you had no drugs on your person. For example, judges may tend to show leniency is if someone who is in front of the court identifies other people within the network of drugs.