Alcohol And The Law: Find The Right Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away


Some people are adamantly against any defense for those who are caught in any sort of alcohol-related driving situation…until it happens to them. The fact is, many of us are just one ounce away from hundreds of hours of worry and thousands of dollars in fines.

When you think of DUI’s of DWI’s, what comes to mind? Usually some middle-aged guy driving home at two A.M., having had seven or eight hard drinks and harshly refusing the bartender’s pleas that he take a taxi. Yes, he exists, but drunk driving offenses are usually first offenders who had a half drink too many as they drive their family home from the local Applebees.

Are both of these people guilty? Yes. Do they still have rights? Absolutely. And that’s when it pays to contact the law offices of Robert J. DeGroot when you need the help of a criminal defense attorney in Newark, NJ.

The people in the court are human, and they can be more understanding in certain circumstances. But these circumstances have to be formed into the best possible defense or your situation could lead you into misery. Months of worry. Thousands in fines. Time in jail. Can the life you want to live take that kind of hit?

It’s not going to be easy, but the consequences can be mitigated with the right criminal defense attorney. If you ever have a drink out and you own a car, put us in your phone: 973-453-9607. We know you don’t intend to drive drunk, but mistakes get made. Hire a criminal defense law firm with experience and your rights will be properly defended.