Accused Of A Sex Crime? Call The Best Criminal Defense Attorney Available

Accused of a sex crime? That’s tough. Sex crimes are, perhaps, the toughest crime to be accused of. When it comes to sex crimes, you need the absolute best criminal defense attorney you can find. It doesn’t matter if you did it or not, because the deck is already stacked against you. Why is that? […]

If You’ve Been Accused Of Healthcare Fraud, Contact The Right Criminal Defense Law Firm Immediately

Can we just admit it? Nobody understands the current healthcare system. Not the government, not the hospitals, and most certainly not the patients. You might have tried to help a patient find the best path through the insurance system, whether they had private insurance or Medicare / Medicaid. And maybe by helping them, you did […]

The NJ Federal Criminal Defense Attorney For Internet Crimes

It is crucial to understand just how serious your situation is if you’re facing criminal charges at the state or federal level.  Any criminal charge, whether misdemeanor or felony, will have a negative impact and potentially haunt you for years. To make sure that you achieve the best possible outcome in your case it is crucial to have […]

Bank & Mortgage Fraud Is No Laughing Matter

You need to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you learn you’re being investigated for mortgage or bank fraud in Newark, are contacted by law enforcement authorities, or even suspect you may be in trouble. Your ability to defend yourself depends on your ability to know your rights, and only an experienced criminal […]

Even The Smallest Crimes Can Cause Huge Problems, So Hire The Right Criminal Defense Law Firm Right Away

You may think it’s just a small crime, but once the wheels of justice get moving you could be in for a world of hurt. Thousands of dollar in fines, hundreds of hours of worry, and a permanent mark on your record that can follow you the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be better […]

Alcohol And The Law: Find The Right Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

Some people are adamantly against any defense for those who are caught in any sort of alcohol-related driving situation…until it happens to them. The fact is, many of us are just one ounce away from hundreds of hours of worry and thousands of dollars in fines. When you think of DUI’s of DWI’s, what comes […]