What is Embezzlement & How is it Punished?

Although embezzlement and other white collar crimes are not typically classified as violent as other types of crimes, the legal consequences can still be steep. If you’ve ever had access to but not ownership of someone else’s property, then you’ve met the required conditions to commit this crime. A person can be found guilty of […]

Find The Right Criminal Defense Attorney If You’ve Committed A White Collar Crime

Think you’ll get off easy just because it’s a white collar crime? Think again! As you’ll see below, white collar crimes can carry huge penalties and long prison terms. So don’t think think you won’t pay a price just because no one got physically hurt. Think twice before you commit the crime, and if you’re […]

If Your Criminal Defense Law Firm Is For You, Who Is Against You?

Here at The Law Offices Of Robert J. DeGroot, we will fight for your rights the moment you enlist our services. We want you to choose us as your criminal defense law firm because we firmly believe in your Constitutional rights to due process. But if we’re for you, who is against you in a […]

You’ve Heard These Words On TV, But What Does A Defense Attorney Mean By Them?

  Chances are you’ve seen quite a few episodes of courtroom dramas on television or have seen movies where a large part of them takes place in the courtroom. As you might expect, there’s much less drama and fewer surprise witnesses than you’ll find in real life. But there are many words and phrases that […]

If Your Trial Is Going To Court, Here’s What You Can Expect From A Defense Attorney

  We started by telling you how important it is to remain silent and contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you’re being arrested in New Jersey. We then moved on to explain some of the steps that can occur before a trial and how you can be helped by a criminal […]

When You’re In Trouble For Internet Crimes, Call A Defense Attorney Right Away

There are dozens of ways to break thousands of laws when it comes to internet crime. While you might think you’re just running a simple scam, it can get very complicated when dealing with computers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hacking, password trafficking, child pornography, fraud, harassment, or bomb threats…if it involves a computer, things […]

Terms A Defense Attorney Might Use And What They Mean

The legal system of the United States is constantly changing…so why do we use so many archaic terms from a dead language that’s thousands of years old? Well, since it’s constantly changing is a good reason to have strong roots, and that’s where a lot of the Latin terms we use come into play. While […]

The Types Of Judgements A Criminal Justice Attorney Can Help You Avoid

  Receiving punishment from the judge might seem like the failure of your criminal justice attorney. But in fact, hiring the right defense attorney can help you formulate a case so that the punishment that you do receive is substantially smaller than you would have received otherwise. So if you case ends up going to […]

3 Important Terms To Know When Talking With A Criminal Law Attorney

  We’ll admit it, the language used with the judge and around our criminal defense law firm might seem strange to someone unfamiliar with the legal process. But, just like scientists, it’s important that we have a universal way of speaking so that there’s absolutely no confusion as to what’s being conveyed. Let’s start with […]

Thinking Of Not Hiring A Defense Attorney? Pro Se It Isn’t So!

  Representing yourself in court, also known as Pro Se Legal Representation, is an option. We’re not going to tell you it’s not. You can defend yourself. We will, however, discourage you from doing so, for the following reasons: The law is complex: Some people think that cutting out a criminal defense attorney is as […]