3 People Whose Lives Were Ruined By White Collar Crime

As any good white collar crime lawyer knows, bad guys come in all shapes and sizes. There are some people who are very good at hiding their malicious activities behind an expensive suit and legitimate degree. Even though people convicted of nonviolent crimes like tax evasion and drug possession often have access to everything they […]

3 Winning Qualities To Look For In A Drug Possession Lawyer

Facing drug possession charges is a difficult and stressful position to be in. Depending on the type and amount of drug in question, as well as additional charges that may apply, you could be facing serious penalties. Those penalties include fines and prison time, but could also have far reaching effects on your future ability […]

Protect Your Investments: Warning Signs of Securities Fraud

  Investing your money can be an effective way to plan for retirement or to begin saving to send your children to college, but securities fraud (investment fraud) is an increasingly problematic presence within the stock market, making it hard to know what to do. Keep these warning signs of securities fraud in mind to […]

What Is Securities Fraud?

Securities fraud occurs when a stock market investor is caused to make a sale or purchase decision based on false information or without key information. Because of the number of people and the complex system involved, there are many types of securities fraud. The most common three forms of securities fraud are: Insider Trading Illegal […]

Protecting Your Medical Information From Health Care Fraud Schemes

Protecting your personal information is an endeavor that becomes increasingly difficult as technology advances and criminals invent new ways to access your sensitive documents and information stored online. We’re all too familiar with white collar crimes such as identity theft and credit card fraud, but these are not the only schemes you must protect yourself […]

3 Ways To Guard Against Identity Theft While Online

Protecting yourself from identity theft is a war fought on two fronts. Half of it is fought in the real world as you go about your daily routine, and the other half is fought in the virtual world, online. To learn about how to guard yourself against identity theft in your everyday life, visit this […]

3 Ways To Guard Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is a frightening crime. These kinds of thieves can destroy your credit or even commit other crimes using your name. There are many things you can do to help protect your identity. Let’s take a look at a few of them: Don’t Overshare Identity thieves aren’t likely to announce themselves, so it’s a […]

Blue Collar And White Collar Crime: What’s The Difference?

The terms “white collar” and “blue collar” are used to refer to groups of people based on their socioeconomic classes and the nature of their jobs. These terms are also used to describe different types of crime. In today’s blog, we’ll take look at the difference between your average blue collar crime and a white […]

A Bribery and Public Corruption Glossary Part 2

Public corruption law keeps public officials and those who try to buy influence and undue advantages from them accountable for their illegal actions. This area of the law includes a long list of possible charges, and each charge is very similar to the others except for a few specific distinctions. A bribe, for example, is […]

A Bribery and Public Corruption Glossary Part 1

Public corruption law holds those people who try to buy influence and undue advantages from public officials and those officials who let it happen accountable for their illegal actions. It is a complex area of the law that includes a number of offenses, all of which differ from the rest based on very specific distinctions. […]