When You’re Arrested, Get A Criminal Justice Attorney Involved Immediately!

Television lied to you! Cop shows often show the suspect in the interrogation room, acting all cool and calm because he knows his alibi is airtight. He talks to the police for a few minutes, revealing more than he realizes, until the interrogator drops the evidence that proves the suspect is guilty. The suspect looks […]

Federal drug crimes often punished more severely than state counterparts

Both individual states and the federal government have laws prohibiting the possession and distribution of illegal drugs. Someone caught with drugs can face prosecution under state laws, federal laws or both. But, while federal and state drug laws prohibit similar conduct, there are differences between state and federal drug prosecutions, particularly when it comes to […]

New Jersey mandatory drug treatment targets non-violent offenders

Three counties in New Jersey will benefit from a $2.5 million dollar pilot program signed into law by Gov. Chris Christie in July. The counties, which have not been publicly named, will initiate mandatory treatment for all low-level drug offenders and non-violent offenders addicted to drugs. The idea behind the mandatory treatment program is to […]

Drug searches in New Jersey: Know your rights

The Constitution affords a variety of rights. One that is often questioned within the criminal court system are the various rights afforded under the fourth amendment, particularly the freedom against unreasonable searches and seizures. These rights were recently tested in the Supreme Court when the justices were asked to determine when a police officer using […]